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March 28, 2022

What is Live Rosin?

  • Our live rosins all begin as ice water hash before being packaged and pressed with the use of minimal heat. The contents of each trichome head burst open and pour out their oils for collection. The rosin press works as a final stage of filtration, removing the outer membranes from the trichomes and any remaining microscopic plant matter. A perfect golden rosin is all that remains. It’s sold as fresh press Live Rosin, or may be processed one step further into a homogenized Live Rosin Badder. Our Live Rosin Sauce is a different method of using heat and pressure to transform our rosin it into a wet, sugary consistency. Our rosin sauce is the same texture as many chemical solvent extracts, but like everything Papa & Barkley and Papa’s Select makes, it's entirely solventless.

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