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March 28, 2022


Genetics Unknown

Grown by Humboldt Kine Farms

Bred by Bomb Seed

50/50 Hybrid

A flagship Cultivar, Grand Champion of Emerald Cup in Ice Water Hash, and the main arsenal in a line-up of amazing flavors from Humboldt Kine Farms. The THC Bomb is bred by Bomb Seed and is grown in full-season, outdoor beds in the heart of Humboldt County. While Humboldt Kine Farms is newer to the Humboldt scene, it hasn’t stopped them from crushing the competition and providing one of the most memorable flavor profiles we have come across. And while it isn’t named after a delicious Italian dessert, don’t let the name fool you! She is about as sweet and ripe as it gets, just gushing in grape flavor.

The taste and smell of good cannabis always brings us back and reminds us of another time. Whether it reminds us of another memorable bag that blew our minds, or a kind of candy from our youth, flavor and scent always seem tied to our memories. Somehow the hash gods have blessed the millennial crowds with all the Little-League memories we could want. The THC Bomb’s distinctly grape terps were an instant and shockingly accurate reminder of baseball and bubblegum. Ground-Ball-Grape Big-League Chew to be exact. Yet, unlike the shredded purple bubble-gum that comes in a tobacco style pouch and loses its flavor in about ten seconds, the THC-Bomb explodes with grapes from the first dab to the last.

Must be the SoCal influence of the owner, as this THC Bomb is made for hash making. Super sweet grape with more than enough gas to back it, she comes across with a golden-yellow tint to the trichome heads. This is one of those I call HEAVY in Terps, but clear and euphoric in effect.


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