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March 28, 2022


Cannabis has done it again, combining hundreds of terpenes and decades of selective breeding practices to unleash flavor profiles so reminiscent of a certain fruit, or candy flavor, that the flower seems to name itself. There’s been a handful of genetics that ring true to their name over the years, like Blueberry, Strawberry Cough, and Tangelo terps to name a few, and papaya is another undeniable flavor profile, and celebrity star in the cannabis community. In order for Papa's Select to bring this instant classic and new-school flavor to the market, we made sure it’s one to set the mark. Bred by Nirvana Seed co. and cut by Purple City Genetics, before handing her off to the Queen of the Emerald Triangle herself: Emerald Queen Farms.

With Papaya (Citral #13 X Ice #1) rocketing to the top of every hash and flower smokers must-have list, the sun-grown Papaya from Emerald Queen Farms just raised the bar. As Emerald Queen Farms never disappoints, this Papaya is one you have to experience first-hand to understand the balanced depth and nuanced indicators that sets it apart. Papaya lovers will appreciate this cut, while anyone new to papaya cultivars is sure to be blown away by the likeness to its name. Many farms have grown this phenotype but taste testers will attest to the special attributes this farm and cultivar share, creating hash and rosin so unique that there is no other papaya out there like it.  

A more natural, full palette papaya, ringing truer to the fruit than candy. Not to say it isn’t sweet, as she’s packed full of sweet-ripe flavors, but is lighter on the artificial “sweeties,” so strong on other papaya cuts. Its naturally sweet flavor and complex profile only improves with time, providing the perfect smoke for every minute of everyday! The strong sedative effect of this papaya is also a great nighttime smoke, and with the fresh tasting terpenes on this strain, it leaves one with a satisfying aftertaste.

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