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March 28, 2022

Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake Premium Rosin from the infamous Humboldt Kine Farms. Sun-Grown, Humboldt County kind-bud, extracted with nothing more than ice and water. Sweet-doughy, sugary cake cut with a side of vanilla bean ice-cream. Ice Cream Cake, crosses Wedding Cake and Gelato #33, bred by Seed Junky, and cultivated on the renowned Emerald Queen Farms, providing the latest edition in a long line of cake cuts. There’s something for everyone and thankfully the cake’s not just a cake, but an ice-cream cake. The cakes are never easy to describe, but always quick to remember. A creamy, thick, rich, vanilla haziness of spice, that is described perfectly as doughy.  


The latest exotic has plenty of color to show, with purples and pinks coming on late in the season. She packs a heavy, but euphoric high with plenty of full body relief. At this point we have combined the best genetics from each world of cannabis cultivars in order to provide well rounded, full-body, and euphoric highs. There are plenty Ice Cream Cakes out in the world but this specific cultivar has a gassy finish to the sweet. A perfect balance of boths worlds.

Yes, the cake cuts can be hash dumpers and often fair well in Full-Melt Ice Water Hash. Specific cultivars are best pressed into rosin, but the Ice Cream Cake produces such phenomenal trichome glandular structures, that we offer it in various Micron sizes. We like to keep the hash separated and sell a 90u, 104u, and 120u version. The 90u is the largest size trichome heads, while the 120u will be a slightly smaller range of trichome head sizes. This allows our close followers to experience and determine which micron size produces the tastiest trichomes.

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