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March 28, 2022

Garlic Cookies

There's a lot of GMO/Garlic Cookies out there, but there is only one Papa's Select and Emerald Queen Farms. The queen’s garlic cut is by no standard new news, but this impeccable cultivar is an industry favorite and the gold standard for California Garlic Cookies. A cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg, created this legendary combo of heavy skunk, that turned it into an Italian hash consumer’s specialty.

In fresh press rosin no cultivar is more appealing than the clarity of Garlic Cookies. It is one of the most photogenic cannabis rosins we have come across and will usually maintain a translucent appearance for days without refrigeration, (though we recommend cold storage always). In water hash she melts down to a clear oil, without the need for the rosin press. The quality of the melt was acknowledged in the 2018 Ice Water Hash category, taking 3rd place. When we do press the Garlic Cookies, the globs create jars of transparent golden rosin. Emerald Queen Farms has found the most suitable growing climates for the local Norcal cultivar to flourish.

I’ve read enough about how you either hate it or you love it, when it comes to Garlic terps. While the previous statement can be true of the straight GMO cut, the variation of crossing GMO has shown its applicability in creating dynamic new cultivars that turn garlic terps into a souffle of new and original flavors. There’s something special about the garlic crosses that exhibit entirely new flavor profiles, slightly reminiscent of the GMO gas, but without terpenes tasting of garlic. It’s like cooking with garlic where it interacts with other flavors and intensifies the whole dish. Give it another decade and the GMO genetics will probably be running deep in the lineage of every cultivar on the market. Experience the original.

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