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March 28, 2022

Garanimals (Grape Pie X Animal Cookies) Premium Live Rosin Sauce

Premium Rosin Sauce with an almost applesauce style of consistency. Our live rosin sauces provide a shelf stable extract you can take with you anywhere. The added benefit of further refining trichomes into a crystalline rosin sauce holds up without the need for refrigeration, making it the perfect consistency for on the go dabbing with those new Puffcos!  

Gassy, not too distinguished. Aftertaste of slightest orange peels or lemon peels. deep gas. strange texture no crystals. Garanimals is a cross between Grape Pie and Animal Cookies, bringing a doughiness that is full of gas. The heavy Animal Cookies, provides the heat to complement the grape pie, making for an equally sweet and gassy combo of trichomes. Bred by Real Cannarado, this cut comes from Phinest Cannabis Tissue Cultures.

Ice Water Hash 120u

Garanimals was a whole different experience as water hash with the fruity tastes only a side dish to the absolute gas coming through. Reminded us of the best bags of herb we’ve had with that “something,” special enough to remember. A deep palette of flavor notes ranging from floral to fruity, always with a punch to the sternum in OG gas. After the rosin sauce bringing out orangish flavors, the water hash really shows the depth and completeness of this given cultivar. The doughy cookies flavor comes out on the backend and gives you a satisfying creamy taste. A much different experience than the Garanimals Live Rosin Sauce, we highly recommend grabbing it in water hash as well.    

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