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March 28, 2022

Dirty Tangie

Dirty Tangie, sourced and washed by Papa's Select, is an absolute knockout. Combining the legendary gas of sour diesel with an onslaught of orange-pop from the tangie, it takes the cake. She stinks the whole room up with tangerine terps galore, and even leaves an acidic tinge along the sides of your tongue. That tinge of sourness you get from eating Cuties, tangelos, clementines, or other acidic spectrums of sweet and sour fruit, is unmistakable. The tangie terps are enough to rival any tangie cut, yet this pheno comes across with a very unique twist: Tangie with a mesquite, gassy undertone. Hence it’s namesake, Dirty. The swampy gas of citrus explosion is unique and delicious. Don't miss this one!

This Dirty Tangie creates one of the richest, bright yellow, and almost striped-looking rosins we have come across in fresh-press consistency. The glass staining stench of tangie terps on top of gas. The bright orange citrus terps are dominant until that other funk starts cooking up, and let me tell you, cooking up funk is what the dirty tangie’s all about! The jar turns to a mesquite, honey and brown sugar-smoked, tangie-BBQ-marmalade, maybe even with a few pineapples thrown on top. Tangie marmalade, glazed in a wood-smoked pit.  

This full and exorbitantly-rich, yellow-rosin has a near amber glow, where you could almost swear the tangie terps are calling out your name! A memorable jar of tropical fruit hash, that will have you out grabbing another.

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