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March 28, 2022

“Better Hash, Better Rosin”

Another year for the history books and another Emerald Cup rolls on, as Papa’s Select was honored once again with a clean sweep in the Ice Water Hash division. With the honor ofreceiving the top three spots in last year’s Emerald Cup for Ice Water Hash, Papa’s Select had some big expectations going into the 2021 competition. Being the basis for all rosin products, everything begins with the wash and the quality of Ice Water Hash it yields. This is one area where we pride ourselves most, knowing only the best hash makes for the best rosin, so performing well in the competition is an annual goal for our team. We are honored to once again call ourselves Emerald Cup champions – we feel it puts ongoing pressure and obligation on our team to continue to set the bar for what makes quality solventless products.

Refining six-star ice water hash elevates the best craft-cannabis farms in Northern California, providing a platform to highlight their cannabis resins, undisturbed from the plant. With Papa’s Select filling the podium in the Ice Water Hash category again in 2021, it’s an honor we could never achieve, without all of our farmers and all those who came before us. Working with some of our newest farm’s flavors, we have something special planned to deliver a taste of
the Emerald Cup winners to our loyal and devoted fans.

Despite setting the bar for solventless hash in 2020’s competition, the 2021 Emerald Cup brought solventless refinement and the competition to the next level. More brands than ever before entered both solventless categories, but Papa’s Select’s tireless team-work and long-term relationships with generational farmers allows us to hunt for and preserve some of the best cannabis resin in northern California. While 2020’s products and Emerald Cup winners came from the three traditional Emerald Triangle counties, 2021 allowed us to expand our search as far North as Trinity County and South into Mendocino and Sonoma Counties, as our arsenal of elite farming partners continues to expand. Along with solventless staples from some of our favorite farms, this year brought new relationships with a few farms, whose pristine cannabis helped us achieve the unthinkable: Another clean sweep in Ice Water Hash! We are truly humbled and grateful for these honors, going up against plenty of high caliber competition, all gunning to make a name for themselves.

With some of our newest farm partners, like Booney Acres Farms and South Face Farms, this year’s Ice Water Hash entrees were just too good to press. Since ice water hash is always the first step in solventless refinement, batches that meet the six-star or “full-melt” mark of perfection, are usually sold as is or only slightly processed as fresh-press, “Premium Live Rosin.” This kind of purity produced with only ice and water is the most difficult and the most sought-after choice to experienced hash aficionados. Most batches of Ice Water Hash require the added refinement of a rosin press. Six-star or Full Melt Ice Water Hash does not require the rosin press and will grease down perfectly into an oil, almost resembling a fresh press rosin consistency, once the hash is thawed and begins to warm.

Papa’s Select’s six-star hashish, or Full-Melt, is not only free of dirt and debris, but also removes trichome stems, delivering only the head or the tip of each trichome gland. This is where the cannabinoids and terpenes are produced and concentrated. Removing and preserving these trichomes with only water, is the epitome of extraction sciences but can also be difficult to properly dab. Running our full-melt hash through the rosin press breaks down these trichomes, as only pure cannabinoids and terpenes are collected. The outer membranes containing each trichome gland are removed along with dirt or debris, filtered out by the micron specific mesh rosin bag. While rosin is free of trichome membranes, some volatile terpenes off-gas and deteriorate the second the trichome ruptures, yet our rosin can often have a more pronounced taste, regardless.

As the necessary precursor and the initial refinement procedure before making all varieties of live rosin (whether it be fresh pressed rosin, a cold-cure rosin badder, or a rosin sauce), ice water hash is the highest measure of cannabis resins. Only perfect batches will remain as ice water hash for this reason. Since six-star hash is so difficult and rare to achieve, especially at scale, the hash often requires the rosin press as an additional refinement measure. The
difficulty in creating a truly clean, impeccably refined, Ice Water Hash (without the need for a rosin press) is at the crux of any solventless refinement program. Some processors prefer to skip the step of creating that full-melt, top-notch water hash and instead combine all different micron levels into a “full spectrum” rosin. Papa’s Select will always take the first step to create premium, top-shelf hash before ever allowing it to be refined further into Rosin. This is what makes our Rosin products so special – we do not skip the necessary steps of separating the ice water hash into micron sizes and assessing their quality and melt.

We reserve our six-star full melt ice water hash for our line of Premium line of rosin products. This means all our products with the Premium label, are made specifically from six-star ice water hash. This year we saved limited batches of ice water hash from all our top three Emerald Cup finishes and will be offering them as Premium Live Rosin. This is the best way to give our fans a taste of these extremely limited batches of Strawberry Jelly and Kombucha Ice Water Hash from Booney Acres Farms, that took first and second place respectively, and SouthFace Farm’s fan favorite Garlic Juice, that took the bronze. Just as the best hash comes from the best flowers, the best rosin is pressed from the best ice water hash.

Papa’s Select’s long-term relationships with many of the top craft cultivators in California, have helped accelerate the quality of cannabis in the legal industry. Access to the best batches of fresh-frozen harvests comes from years if not decades of working with and supporting generational farmers. We ensure a laundry list of specifics is met and maintained, requiring us to visit and inspect each batch for a level of consistency rare even to the solventless scene. There are more than enough great cannabis farms throughout northern California, however it takes a truly special batch to make ice water hash that can forego the secondary processing of rosin. The margins are so slim, and only perfect genetics, farming practices, fresh-frozen harvests, and refinement performed in sub-freezing temperatures, can occasionally deliver six-star or Full-Melt hash.

Despite plenty of incredible competition, Papa’s Select is honored to remain the premier solventless hash brand in California, once again cleaning-up in the most important category in solventless refinement, with our Ice Water Hash. Thanks to our incredible farm partners that we owe everything to, the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Emerald Cup trophy winners are about to pour some insane rosin for Papa’s Select.

Nick Bucci
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