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March 28, 2022

About our Farms

  • Crafting our award-winning Ice Water Hash and artisanal rosin all begins with the soil and sun of Northern California’s prestigious Emerald Triangle. The region’s rich agricultural conditions allowed legacy markets to exist, evolving into the freedoms granted today. Papa’s Select is proud to honor the heritage of legacy markets, while supporting generational farmers from across Humboldt, Mendocino, Trinity and surrounding Northern California counties.
  • Working with over forty farms from across the Emerald Triangle, Papa’s Select provides rare access to the finest phenotypes of craft-cultivated cannabis. As purveyors of hash specific plants, we source sustainably sun-grown, organic cannabis from living soil farms. To provide a thriving line-up of genetic variety requires extensive R&D to discover the best “hashers”, or hash producing plants.
  • The Emerald Triangle’s unique array of microclimates, or terroirs, has accelerated modern hash making to the next level. While the landscape's climatology is already world-renowned for cultivation, the area’s sun-kissed cannabis trichomes are proving superior for solventless ice water filtration. After sweeping the podium at the 2019 Emerald Cup, Papa’s Select continues to do things the way we always have: patiently and with intention. Having quietly created a reputation for quality, Papa’s Select is proud to showcase our farmers, making them the centerpiece of everything we do.
  • Crafting artisanal hash and rosin requires us to work closely with farm partners, preparing to freeze the plant moments after harvesting. By freezing the cannabis, we lock in the same terpene and cannabinoid rich profiles present in the living plant. No other method provides the same experience as nature intended.

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